You Are Enough

Life comes with many different trials, joys, and everything in between. Over time, without even realizing it, we can begin to look in the mirror and believe something that couldn’t be any further from the truth. Not being enough.

All throughout school and still to this day I have had to work extremely hard to keep my grades up, but still could never make it to straight A’s. What about all of my hard work? It wasn’t enough. Outside of school, I’ve always been interested in fitness and trying to live a healthy lifestyle but could never be consistent. I just wanted the results the other girl at the gym had. I wasn’t enough. Last year, I married the love of my life and have been learning the life of a wife. How to balance school, work, keeping up with bills, groceries, and laundry, and also finding time to spend with friends and of course my husband… I could never hold it all together. In every category of life, I was chasing standards of the world more than the God of the world. I was never enough.

You may have experienced feelings similar to mine, maybe not as bad, or even extremely worse, but… These are nothing but lies from the enemy that keep us from living the life God intended. Feeding these lies every day and agreeing to yourself that you aren’t enough will plant the seed of negativity against who God says you are. So, where is God in the midst of never feeling enough? He is right here and always has been. Feeling inadequate in life comes from the root of sin. Sin comes from the devil and NOT of God. We are broken people in a fallen world, and we will be fighting sin until the end of our lives. We can find freedom through Jesus on this earth, but we will not experience complete freedom until we reach Heaven. Our hope is in Jesus Christ who died on the cross for us-not so we may have the perfect GPA, the best body, or the most attractive Instagram, but so when we reach Heaven we can experience the fullness of being enough in God’s eyes. We are enough because HE is enough.

You might find yourself believing this, but it’s hard to actually feel this every single day. If you have beat yourself up for awhile about not being enough, it is going to take time to fully grasp that you can live without this constant lie in your mind. It will take prayer. It will take consistency with the Lord. He wants your heart. God doesn’t expect you to be perfect, but faithful. That’s why He sent His son Jesus to die for us! The enemy knows our weaknesses. He knows what will hurt us and what lies we will feed on. Are feeding off of the lie that you are not enough? It’s time to KILL that lie. Fill your mind and heart by standing on the truth of who God says you are and not who the world says you are.

The next time you dwell on not having the perfect GPA… Remember that does not define your worth. God has given you special skills and abilities that those with a perfect GPA might not have. You are enough. The next time you go to the gym and wish you looked like the girl next to you… Remember that God specifically created one of you. You are unique! The Creator of the stars and the earth created you in His image, which is beautiful. (Also a tip, start praying that you become happy for that person you’re comparing yourself to because they might be going through something you would never expect). You are enough. When the weight of your responsibilities are too much for you to carry, remember the Lord wants you to surrender your cares on to Him (1 Peter 5:7); let the Lord handle what you can’t alone. Jesus is enough and so are you!

“Not that we are competent in ourselves to claim anything for ourselves, but our competence comes from God.” 2 Corinthians 3:5 NIV

By: Karah McAlister


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