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Although I don’t think I could ever consider myself a city girl, one of my all-time favorite cities has to be in none other than our nation’s capital in Washington, D.C. This is one city I wouldn’t mind to live in. I have such a passion for America and it’s governing. As a journalism major, politics and government could play a prominent role in my future career and currently require special attention in my daily life for class-use. I also think D.C. is always a place that needs endless prayers and a touch from the Lord. It’s forever a joy for me to come visit this city and discover all the history and spend time exploring what I love. This was my second trip here in under two years. Me and my good friend Andrew works in Washington so I had an excellent local to give me a rundown of the city this trip! So, I thought I’d take you through my recent trip while sharing some local suggestions for my favorite places to go when I’m in town. I’m going to split it up based on town/location to make it a little easier to follow!

Downtown Washington D.C.

We went to The Hamilton on our first night out and it was such an elegant restaurant with great food! I had the fall salad for my meal and the spiced apple cake for desert! Both of them were so delicious! I would suggest this one if you’re looking to get all dressed up and splurge a little on your spending!

If you need a day to sleep in and are looking for a brunch spot, I highly recommend Ted’s Bulletin. I had a vanilla latte and a cinnamon and sugar tarte. It was so good! My friend Andrew had the biscuits and gravy and he swears they are a D.C. staple! They have more than just breakfast foods, but that was just what we went in for!

Of course, I have to give a good coffee house! Andrew lives a couple blocks from Jacobs Coffee House so that’s where we went this trip. I was very impressed! It has the typical cozy and quaint coffee house feel. I got a vanilla latte there as well and he got a chai tea latte which he says is also very great!

That day we also went to Good Stuff Eatery. Though we went to the one closest to downtown D.C., there are several of these restaurants around D.C. They have any type of burger you could want! I don’t typically like burgers, so if you are like me, don’t hate the idea yet! I ordered a turkey burger! It was honestly one of the best ones I’ve had in a while! Andrew ordered the Obama Burger. It had everythinggg on it. So much stuff, but it’s one of their most popular burgers!

Since Andrew works in D.C., he was able to get us an amazing tour of The White House and The U.S. Capitol. As I mentioned, I really enjoy politics and government, so this was one of my favorite parts of the entire trip! This is something you can try to schedule ahead of time with you state senator or district congressman as well though!

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Mt. Vernon

We went to Mt. Vernon on one of our last days there and it was the perfect weather, so I’m glad we chose that day! If you don’t know, Mt. Vernon is the home or President George Washington. It was so interesting learning the history of the land and his home.! My favorite part was getting to tour the home and see where a lot his daily life was lived out. There is also a museum as well as and a restaurant option after the tour. If you’re not a history-nut, this maybe wouldn’t be something you’d find interesting. However, if you like history and not politics, you may find this as a great option!

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Y’all… Georgetown is seriously my favorite shopping pace to visit when I’m in D.C. It reminds me so much of Charleston. The pastel colored homes and little shops are just darling! The day we went there, we were rushing to get back for dinner, so we didn’t stay long, but we had to stop into my favorite macaroon shop, Olivia Macaroon. They have so many options for homemade macaroons. This time I had to get some seasonal ones. So, I tried the pumpkin spice, red velvet, and coffee. Outside of Disney World, these are the best macaroons I’ve tried! I also got a vanilla latte in there and it was just what I needed! I had a bad headache at the time and it definitely was a good choice for the cure lol!

Also in Georgetown is Georgetown Cupcakes! We didn’t actually go this trip, but the last time we went to D.C. together we waited in line for over an hour to get them! It was well worth the wait! Especially for the first-time experience! I got like 3 cupcakes and they were all so yummy! My mama is an extreme cupcake enthusiast, so I had to swipe one for her too! But if I’m being honest, I ate it before actually getting it to her! That’s just how yummy they were!

The last thing we did in Georgetown this trip and probably my most thrilling moment… was going into a huge two-story TJ Maxx. I was actually so excited when I found out there was a TJ in Georgetown! I begged Andrew to go in, so I could Rae Dunn hunt! I unfortunately couldn’t buy much because I had a negative amount of space left in my suitcase! But it was still amazing to witness a TJ Maxx that grand!  I can’t recommend visiting Georgetown enough!! Especially if you aren’t really into the politics of D.C.



This sweet town stole my whole heart. Like I mentioned earlier in this post, I want to move to Washington D.C. to live and work after college graduation. After visiting Alexandria on this trip, I think I’ve decided this is where I want to actually reside. The living cost are exponentially smaller than inside the city and it’s a lot homier to me! Again, I’m not much of a city girl.

While we were there, we did quite a bit of window shopping! Though there were a lot of adorable shops, my favorites were The Lucky Knot, Twist Boutique (I couldn’t find a link to shop), and Lou Lou. They were the most precious boutiques! They had a lot of preppy and girly styled things! Which y’all probably know is right up my alley! I didn’t buy anything here either, due to the lack of space in my suitcase!

I couldn’t go a day without trying out a new coffee shop! I literally tried one in every single town. In Alexandria we went to Old Town Dolce Gelati Café. I got a salted caramel pumpkin latte and Andrew got a chai tea latte. It was a really unique drink! I love that it combined two of my favorite cool weather drinks.


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Thank y’all so much for sticking with me on this post! I wanted to make sure I had all the details of where we went and the places I would suggest visiting! I tend to travel a lot, so let me know if you’re interested in seeing more posts like this!

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