The Love Triangle

It’s easy to fall in love. I’ve done it a few times in my life. Each time was different, but the overall picture was pretty much the same. It would go a little something like this:

Usually I would start out being flattered by their charm. I can remember all their sweet compliments and small gestures, their handsome eyes & kind smile.  And little by little I would let them into my heart. I would confide in them and trust them. I let them become what my heart desired most. Finally I’d let all my guards down & take off my amour.        I had fallen in love with them.

As I fell more in love with them, I fell less in love with the Lord. I stopped letting the Lord guide my heart. My heart became worried and jealous all the time. I became controlling and insecure. I felt guilty and I carried around the burdens of my sinful decisions every move I made. Soon the handsome eyes and kind smile wasn’t enough to keep my heart steady and stable. Instead of growing together as our relationship progressed, we grew farther apart. But why did this happen?

When we dishonor the Lord, when we choose our relationship with others over our relationship with Him, we are bound to be disappointed. He is meant to be the King of our hearts, not the servant who only comes at our demand. In any relationship we have (especially romantic ones) we aren’t meant to grow closer to the Lord as we grow closer to each other.

Here is a picture of what this looks like.


Allow the Lord to work in your dating relationship. Pray continuously. Dig into the word together. Put the Lord in the center and move towards him. As He comes closer to each of you, you’ll go closer to one another.

Don’t be scared to fall in love. But let the Lord lead your heart to a love that honors him and keeps him first, always.


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