The Heart Before the Relationship

Being a girlfriend, fiancé, or wife are all roles women play in relationships. But before you can be a fiancé or a wife, one must start as the girlfriend. Just as everything else in life, there’s a Godly way to do this. Through this new series I want to open the heart of girls to see we can be a girlfriend in a mature and Godly way.

Look at your heart. Look at the woman you are alone before wanting to be that woman for someone else. These are 3 things I believe to be the most important things to have in check with your heart before entering into a dating relationship.

1. Be Confident

Know that you’re beautiful from the inside out! I mean truly believe that you’re beauty and love for the Lord radiates through you. Know your value is in Jesus Christ and no man can change that. Believe that when you are being pursued by a Godly man that even his opinions don’t define you. And understand that before you can be loved by a man, you have to love yourself. No man can make you feel beautiful if you don’t know it to be true beforehand.

2. Know your worth

While similar to to being confident, knowing your worth is knowing what you deserve. Know that you deserve nothing less than God’s very best for you. Know that you are more than your body and to should be treated as such! Don’t seek to get a guy’s attention, seek to be valued. Getting his attention is temporary and conditional, but being valued is continual and pure. Know your worth is in the Lord dying for you so that you don’t settle for be treated as anything less than that!

3. Be Content

Be joyful in your singleness. Be satisfied in your relationship with Jesus in your singleness and know that’s where your joy comes from! Relationships are great when they honor the Lord, but no matter how great the guy is, he can’t satisfy all the desires of your heart: only the creator of your heart can do that. So find time for the Lord in your singleness. Enjoy the little blessings you have in singleness that are somewhat robbed from you once you enter into a relationship. God wants you to rejoice in this time!

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