Sweet Devotional and BIG News!!

You are never too far off course. The Lord loves you. The Lord pursues you. The Lord has a plan and a purpose for you life. Nothing you could ever do could change that great plan. The Lord has it orchestrated perfectly and without flaw. At times it feels like maybe we’ve gone too far or can’t be brought back from our mistakes, but God brings beauty and grace into our darkest of secrets and our worst mistakes. My devotional today reminded me that God is good and his grace and love for me is never-ending. When I choose to abide in him and in his love for me, nothing could ever separate our love for one another or his constant pursuit of my heart! This is something to be joyful about! A GPS reroutes and gives detours, God forgives and gives grace!

Okay…. are you ready for the awesome news?

Five days of Faith and Friends!!

This week Pearls and Jesus will have 5 guest writers! Every day will have a different blog post from a different woman that the Lord has lead my heart to invite to write and share with all of you! God is good and he has blessed me with such a wonderful community of Godly women to encourage me and lift me up, to inspire me and help me reach my God-given potential! Some of these women are my best friends, some just acquaintances, but nonetheless, the Lord has bold and extravagant things to speak through them! I want you to see a glimpse into their hearts and their walk with the Lord. Everyone shares a very unique relationship with our Father in Heaven, so I wanted to show you a small piece of what each of their’s looks like. Your story may not look like mine, so I wanted to show you the stories of other women. I wanted to paint you a picture of what grace and love can look like in the lives of 5 different God-fearing women, and how very different it can be!

I pray through these Five Days of Faith and Friends that you get a small glimpse of what loving Jesus can look like. I pray you see the raw, vulnerable, and sincere look into their hearts and their pursuit of the Lord. I pray you can see the struggles they’ve faced, the growth they’ve made, and how Jesus took ahold of their hearts. I pray the Holy Spirit takes a control of every single one of their keyboards so that you and I may read his words through them. I pray for your hearts as you read and dive into what the Lord may have planned next for you in your life. I pray this community continues to grow so that more women can be reached and known and heard. Come back this week. Read. Share. Grow.Untitled Design

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