Sought After

Much to my mother’s dismay, I always knew I wanted to get a tattoo. I spent months searching the internet for inspiration. I knew I wanted something small. A word or symbol that would be hardly noticeable to anyone except me. A banner of sorts, inked on my body, to remind me of who I was when I forgot.

Because I have a tendency to forget.

I struggle to write about my “story” when people ask, simply because I believe stories have a clear beginning and end, yet I often feel stuck somewhere in the middle.

But I guess if I had to tell my story, I would start by saying that I was fortunate enough to be raised in a Christian home. I always knew about Jesus, but it took me many years to actually know Jesus.

My teenage years were marked by a struggle to know my worth, which resulted in me turning to boys who left me feeling used, abandoned, and unlovely. I walked through life with a chip on my shoulder, and a broken heart, turning to anything but the Healer to find peace.

That is where the tattoo comes into play.

I knew it was “the one” the minute I saw it. Scrolling through Pinterest, I stumbled upon a picture of a tattoo that simply read, “sought after.” My eyes filled up with tears as I read the words over and over aloud.

That was me. It’s what He’s always called me.

The longer I have it, the more I love it. And as the year has gone on, I have grown more passionate about reminding others of the this simple truth as well.

So friend, if I could tell you anything today, it would be this: you are sought after.  In the moments your heart feels broken beyond repair, you’re sought after. When you promised yourself you’d never do “that” again, and you seem to fail yourself, you’re sought after. When you’re waiting by a phone that never rings, or for a text that never comes, you’re sought after. When it seems like everybody has somebody, and you thought surely it’d be your turn by now, you’re still sought after.

Satan loves to whisper lies to our hearts and tell us who we aren’t, but the son of God came down to show us who we are.

Jesus left the heavenly realms, to live a humble life, and die on a cross so that you and I would know that we are loved and set apart. That we are sought after.

My prayer for anyone reading this is that you might have the faith to believe that you are who He says you are. That you’ll learn to let go of that boy, that hurt, or that sin that chains you down and makes you forget the truth. That you might walk in everything Jesus has for you, and believe Him when He says that you, and your heart is sought after.


“As a shepherd seeks out his flock when he is among his sheep that have been scattered, so will I seek out my sheep, and I will rescue them from all places where they have been scattered on a day of clouds and thick darkness.”

Ezekiel 34:12

By: Erin Holba


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