Retreat and Revival

It was so touching to see the students running to the cross.What better place to feel the presence  of the Lord than in the Smokies!

My on campus church, UK’s Christian Student Fellowship (CSF), took their annual Winter Retreat to Gatlinburg, Tennessee a couple weekends ago. It was a blessing in more ways to count. There were a couple hundred of us there and it was such an amazing experience!

In my car and hotel room I had my roommate Emily, two of my sorority sisters; Madison and Lindsay, and a new friend I made because of this trip, Hunter! I truly felt that we all bonded and were able to get to know each other better on this trip! Our time together was full of laughter and my careless driving skills, which may have lead them to have slight anxiety lol!

To see college students willingly choose to spend a weekend in revival with the Lord was so encouraging to me. CSF has given me so many opportunities to meet others who are seeking an intimate relationship with Jesus and desire to know him more. Having something like this when going away to college is so vital to your faith journey! I can’t imagine trying to go through college without the community and fellowship that CSF has provided to me since coming to UK. I thank God every day for blessing me with the Godly leaders and role models at CSF.

The Holy Spirit was actively and evidently present on winter retreat. There were two night services, and one morning service. After the last evening service, there was an optional baptism service. It was so touching to see the students running to the cross. There were at least 10 baptisms, but people continued to come forward as the baptisms had begun, so maybe more! One of my sorority sisters was actually baptized on retreat (She is the one featured in my vlog)! It was so breathtaking and heart-touching to witness this in her life and that of the others who were baptized as well.

I felt the Lord tugging at my own heart in so many ways throughout the weekend.There wasn’t a service that I didn’t find myself lost in worship and singing praises to the King of Kings!  Winter retreat was a revival that I myself was in deep need of. Recently I have been trying to seek love in Jesus, and in Jesus alone. This weekend, he showed me his desire for me and his constant pursing of my heart.

I hope you enjoy my first attempt at making a vlog and hopefully you will see the work of the Holy Spirit throughout our weekend of retreating in Jesus and what he is doing at the University of Kentucky. He truly is a good good Father!

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