Rare, Precious and HIS.

I came across this writing in a prayer journal I wrote several years ago and considering the name of this blog and the love for pearls Angel and I both have, I felt like this would be fitting to share with you all!

One evening as I sat on the floor in my bedroom and painted my nails I started thinking about my testimony.  I had recently gone to a gathering where young students shared their testimony.  They were all so different and it amazed me to see all the ways in which they fell in love with their savior and saw their worth.   This made me think, what IS my testimony?  How would I put it into words?  Do I even have a testimony to share?! Well I quickly realized YES everyone has a testimony, all unique to them and the journey God has blessed them with.  So, what was mine?

Then as I painted my nails a pearly pink color I heard God saying “I’m making you into a pearl you know and that’s what your testimony is.”

A PEARL!! It was actually kind of humorous; God works and speaks through all things.  I’ve always had an obsession with pearls and anyone who knows me well, knows I wear them almost every day.  So I started thinking about pearls and everything I knew and had learned about them.

Pearls are special because they’re pretty and RARE stones. They are formed when a foreign object like dirt or a stray piece of something like food gets inside the shell of an oyster. To protect it, the oyster then covers the object with the same material its shell is made of.  The oyster continues to cover the object with multiple layers of this mineral until eventually a pearl forms.  I realized that night that the process of a pearl forming is much like my testimony.  I was dirt, a stray foreign sinful object that entered the presence of God.   I formed a relationship with Him and I couldn’t leave, He was too good to me.  God protected and still protects me. Everyday His mercies are new.  When I first entered into His presence He didn’t spit me out.  He knew He was and IS creating something beautiful.  Yes I entered as dirt and unworthy, but God covered me with His grace and love. Thank goodness He didn’t leave me as I was.  He continually covers me with His character and love.  Each day He covers me as I allow the Holy Spirit to take over my life.  I become more and more like Jesus just like the oyster protects and covers the speck of dirt with the mineral that makes it form into the same material the oyster is made of.  The process for a pearl to form takes a long time but each day the speck of dirt is becoming more beautiful and more like the oyster shell.  It had no idea it would turn into something so rare and precious but as time goes by it starts to realize its worth.

When I first found Jesus I didn’t know I could ever be of worth compared to Him.  The amazing thing is Jesus knew when I first entered a relationship with Him what He had planned for me.  He knew all along His plan to make me into something beautiful…something rare and PRECIOUS…holy and pleasing to Him.  Yes I have a very long way to go, but I know that Christ will continue to cover me in His likeness until I become a pearl so to say.  So whenever I wear my pearls I am often reminded of my testimony.  I didn’t think I was worth it, I didn’t think I could be beautiful or enough, but when God got a hold of me and I surrendered my all to Him, He started the process of creating me into the precious rare pearl of Christ He always knew I’d become.  Sometimes I admit it is hard to look at myself and not see the speck of dirt, but I am continually learning to look through God’s eyes at how beautiful and precious I am in His sight.  When Christ comes back I will be HIS pearl along with every other believer who allows God to refine them into his rare and precious plan.

“…And so we are transfigured much like the Messiah, our lives gradually becoming brighter and more BEAUTIFUL as God enters our lives and we become like Him.” 2 Corinthians 3:18

By: Hillary Logan



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