Praying for Your Future Husband

As you go through seasons of singleness, wouldn’t it be nice to know someone is praying for you and with you every step of the way? During your burdens and joys, contentments and dissatisfaction, they’re praying for you.

While we don’t know if our future husbands are praying for us, we can be certain to pray for them. In praying for them we gain this hope that our Father in Heaven is preparing a man of God for us and in His timing, we might encounter him. Praying for the heart of your future husband is a joy I believe has been gifted to us as single women. Our job in fact. A job to pray a steadfast prayer for the man God created for us.

You have a list… I know you do. I definitely do. Something like tall, funny, charming, smart. I could really go on for a while lol. But now, aside from my typical list that every girl has, I have a Holy list. A list of things I look for in Him as a Godly leader. A list I have prayed and cried over more times than I can count. While I don’t know that this man will hold all of these Godly characteristics I desire, I know that as I pray for him, the Lord is working on his heart just like he’s working on mine. You see, theres a difference between a regular list and a Holy list. The things on your Holy list are things that will make your husband better, but will also make you better because this man will be leading you closer to Jesus.

In the past, I’ve given parts of my heart away to boys that didn’t meet a single one of the things on my Holy lists. And in reaction, my heart was broken. I left relationships worse than I came in and became a slave to my own sinful desires. I’ve been left feeling unloved and unworthy. All because I allowed my list for things like tall, dark, and handsome to overshadow my lists for seeks purity, kindness, and Godly leadership.

I no longer pray for my husband to come to fill my desire for marriage and love. But I ask for Jesus to come and satisfy the deepest parts of my heart. Because even if he came right now, if I’m not fully focussed on Jesus myself, even a man after God’s own heart won’t bring me the joy and satisfaction my heart is seeking.

So I call you now to pray. Pray for his heart. Pray for his leadership. Pray he seeks to protect your purity and lead you to the cross. Pray for forgiveness in his heart and contentment in Christ. Pray for the joy of the Lord and the Holy Spirit to live in him. Physical attraction matters too, and I totally get that. But ladies, believe me when I say theres nothing more attractive than a man fully in love with our creator.

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