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Outfit Details

STRIPED TOP: ASOS [similar] | JEANS: Calypso Boutique | PEARLS HEELS: Red Dress Boutique, Similar Pair | PEARL BRACELET: Bourbon and Bowties [similar] EARRINGS: H&M  [Lots of colors options] | NECKLACE: Amazon [similar] | WATCH BAND: Amazon

This is my first attempt to do a fashion post! I love all things beauty and fashion. So, I’ve always had intentions to add them to my blog. Hence the “pearls” and Jesus. As you can see, pearls are my favorite choice of accessory! My struggle from the beginning has been to figure out the appropriate way to incorporate fashion into my christian blog. Recently I’ve realized the importance of encouraging modesty to women in our modern society. So often, women are praised for showing off their bodies in their fashion choices, giving a less is more mind-set. But, I want to encourage women to do quite the opposite: to wear clothes that make them feel beautiful while still being modest and honoring Christ. While my fashion is unique to me and my style, I try to always be mindful of how I dress in this regard. No, I’m not perfect, but I hope you can find wisdom in my fashion post and allow something as simple as this to point you closer to Jesus.

When it comes to my shopping choices I usually look to get expensive things, for a cheaper price! So a good chunk of my closet comes from TJ Maxx and sale items from my favorite stores!  Whether you’re going on a date or out with friends on the town, this outfit is giving off major spring and summer evening vibes! This top is from TJ Maxx and I absolutely adore the bold colored stripes! That’s why I chose to pair them with these jeans with the dark denim stripe! I think they’re perfect compliments! The details matter to me! You can wear these jeans in so many different ways, they’re my favorite right now! The heels were the perfect touch to dress it up just enough! These are my current staple heels! I’ve been wearing these every week!

It was super fun having this photoshoot with my amazing big Kalee Fuller! She did such an amazing job! I’m excited to share the rest of the photos with y’all and I look forward to my upcoming fashion posts!


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