Is He a Kristoff or a Hans?

You’re heart is after Jesus. You’re pursuing his plans for your life with your whole heart. You’re confident in who God created you to be. You know you’re worth and what your heart deserves. You are fully satisfied with the love and pursuit of Jesus Christ. So, whats next?

Eventually, you’re going to encounter a gentleman (or a not so gentleman) who shows interest in you and your heart. And when you know your heart is where it needs to be, theres not harm in allowing that man to pursue you. EXCEPT when that man is not pursuing God’s heart too. But how can you tell? How will you know if you’re being pursued by a Hans or Kristoff?

In the unfortunate event you’re unfamiliar with Disney’s movie Frozen, there are two characters than gain the attention of Princess Anna. One is a prince named Hans and the other is an ice salesman named Kristoff. If you haven’t seen the movie you most definitely need to stop reading this right now and go watch it and come back! Lol

If you’re single right now, or even if you’re not, odds are you’ve had your fair share of men like Hans. Which isn’t something you have to be ashamed of. We all have them. But, you must learn from your past mistakes to make better decisions in the future.

Hans is the guy that appears to have everything on your list. He’s oh so handsome. He’s the guy that comes in ready to swoon you. His words are everything you want to hear. He knows the way to your heart and he takes advantage of that. He gives you so much attention and always tells you you’re beautiful. He appears to be the answer to all of your loneliness and heartache. Hans makes you feel like love is an open door! Like, have you seen his eyes? He’s gorgeous and he’s smart. I mean, you’re lonely and he’s here with open arms, so he’s obviously the one God has for you…right? Wrong.

You see, any guy can say and do all of these things. But its the consistency that matters. It’s his intentions that matter. It’s seeing actions that match his words! Because eventually you see his words are just that… meaningless words without sincerity. He promised he’d go to church with you but recently he’s just too tired. You made plans, but he’d rather stay in with the guys tonight, so he cancels. He doesn’t need to tell you what he’s doing, and if you ask then “you’re crazy”. A man like Hans wants you for his own selfish purposes without any regard for how it affects you in the meantime. He starts to say things like “Its okay if we have sex before marriage because I love you”. He doesn’t guard your purity. He doesn’t guard your heart. He doesn’t love you like Jesus does. You can win Hans attention but you can’t force him value you like the princess you are.

While no guy is perfect, what separates a Hans and a Kristoff? Kristoff tells you you’re beautiful because he sees your beauty from the inside out. He keeps his word. He goes out of his way to help you and invest in you even if theres no benefit for him in the end. He cares about things your heart cares about. He’s willing to make sacrifices because of his love for you. He may not have everything together, but he’s honest and open about his struggles. He’s not the answer to your every desire, because he knows the one who is. He may be handsome, but thats not why you’re drawn to him. You see that even in his friendship he loves you like a sister in Christ. He guards your purity. He guards your heart. He continually proves that he believes you have a heart worth melting for.

Ladies, believe me when I say theres a world full of Hans: men after you for a season for selfish reasons. But don’t settle for that when God is preparing a Kristoff: a man set to pursue and protect your wandering heart.

Know that being single, joyful and passionately pursuing Jesus is better than being in a relationship, hurt and lost in sin. You can be everything God needs you to be for a relationship, but make sure the same is true for the man you allow to pursue you’re precious heart.

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