Fulfilling Your Purpose in Singleness

Singleness: A season so special the Lord calls it a gift.

Waiting can be suffocating and thoughts of uncertainty can be drowning. But if you trust in the Lord through the waiting and uncertainties, you’ll find blankets of peace in all circumstances. What a joy and blessing to know the Lord is preparing your heart for something special. Whether it’s a husband, career, friendship, or anything else, he has something so sweet in store for your life. A life that honors him and puts him first.

This time of singleness is so valuable, no matter how long or short it may be. Allow the Lord to fulfill your purpose in your singleness by

  1. Digging into the word
  2. Continuing in prayer
  3. Getting plugged into a Godly community
  4. Asking the Lord for patience and satisfaction

He is good and he is faithful. Love him. Honor him. Let him prepare your heart for what matters most, for heaven. He wants you to be his daughter in all of it’s fullness. Don’t set aside your true purpose in life. He wants you to be full of the joy of the Lord! Take heart and be patient! Find your satisfaction in the simplicity of loving your Father!ven if he came right now if Im not fully focussed on Jesus myself even a man after Gods own heart wont bring me the joy and satisfaction my heart is seeking.

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